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Entrepreneurs and business people are discovering…


Intoxicating Persuasion That Will Have Customers Flocking To You, Explode Your Sales, Amplify Your Results, And Open The Flood Gates Letting The Money Flow To You!


You’ll Have To Fight Off Customers With A Stick Just So You Can Breathe!


Dear Business Owner or Entrepreneur,


People come here looking for help.  The reason is, they need results and they need them fast.


Sometimes their business is floundering and they need to skyrocket their sales.  Other times it just needs a kick in the pants to help get things started for them.  Still others want to increase the traffic to their website or pump up the conversion rate of their sales page.


Well this is the place where they can make all of that happen.


No longer do businesses have to settle for just “good enough” when it comes to promoting their business.  They can now have powerful persuasion working for them to get the results they are wanting.  Literally overnight businesses can turn things around and penetrate their market with persuasion so potent, it almost seems illegal.


And You Can Have This Dynamic Persuasion At Your Fingertips Too...


With me you get someone that is well versed in creating the results that you want for your business and get money surging into your business like turning on a water spigot.


With my powers of persuasion I can create a marketing campaign for you that will bring paying customers to you in droves!  And all with their wallets in hand, ready and eager to buy your products.


Customers will be clamoring at the gates begging for you to let them in so they can spend their cash and skyrocket your income.


You can have a steady stream of paying customers that hand over their money each and every time.  That give you the business you are searching for.  That become undyingly loyal to you and purchase every time you send out a promotion for a new product.


This can be the type of results you get when I promote your business and products.  Customers that beat down the door to get what you have to sell.


People Want To Spend Money, And Here’s How You Can Have Your Piece Of The Pie


Every day, people are looking to spend their money.  All you need is someone that can work their persuasive “magic” and send these people to your door, excited about what you have to offer.


And that someone is me.


I’ve spent thousands of dollars learning the skills to help my clients get more paying customers, to get better qualified leads, and expand their market share and become more profitable.


I’ve learned from some of the best in the industry.  People like…


  • Michael Masterson – Agora Publishing’s copywriting master, best-selling author, and wealth builder.
  • Harlan Kilstein – Copywriting genius and online marketing consultant.
  • Kenrick Cleveland – Sales and persuasion mastermind.
  • Bob Bly – Master copywriter, renowned copywriting teacher, and author of over 60 books.
  • David Garfinkel – Direct response copy mastermind and extraordinary copywriting teacher.
  • Tina Lorenz – Killer copywriter and marketing wizard with a steel-trap mind for selling in print.
  • Perry Marshall – Online marketing virtuoso and Google AdWords master.


I’ve picked their brains to learn all their secrets.  And you get the benefit of my due diligence.


Specifically, I sell with words.  I use electrifying persuasion that will generate a ton of traffic to your website, bring in the orders by the buckets, and make you money hand over fist.  But fair warning…


You’ve Got To Be Serious About Making Money For Me To Work With You


I’m Gary Glasscock and I’ve been quietly stalking the corners of the Internet and the fringe of the direct marketing industry.  As a result, I’ve not been discovered by the big direct marketing companies yet.


And best of all for you, I’m not charging both arms and a leg for my services.


I’m not cheap either.  As a matter of fact, if you are price shopping then you probably should go elsewhere.  I build a valuable relationship with my clients and they value my work.  They realize what I can do for them and they are glad to pay me for the results I generate for them.


In fact when I write for you, it’s as if you have your own marketing ninja, stealthily working in the shadows, helping you build your business and making it more profitable.


Gary has a writing style that is easy to read and is perfect for almost any type of copywriting needed” – Steve Slaunwhite, Master Copywriter


I can write a sales letter for you that will foster a boatload of money.  I can help you using the secrets of Google AdWords, the new, fastest way to drive buyers to your website in droves. 


I can help you profit by writing emails for you that will create a surge in your business.  I can write autoresponders, the proven way to get visitors back to your website that bring in money by the truckloads. 


I can write and design your newspaper ad so that customers will flock to your store or website with cash in hand, to purchase your products over and over.


As a matter of fact, I can write just about anything you need.  All you need to do is tell me your marketing goals and I’ll come up with a plan to help maximize your dollars so it will seem as if you’re pulling profits out of thin air!


 Persuasion So Stimulating, You’ll Have To Hire A Crew To Help You Tote The Deposits To The Bank


When you talk to me, you may be surprised at my low-key, southern style.  But when I write for you, I pull out all the stops and write like my hair is on fire, because I know my writing will create the results you deserve.  And I love helping businesses to prosper.  I get all giddy when I see the end product of my efforts foster bigger profits for entrepreneurs and small businesses.


"When you first talk to Gary and hear his southern drawl, you'll think he's out in left field.  Then you will realize that he's lightyears ahead of everyone else." - Dr. Harlan Kilstein


I do all of my own writing so you don’t have to worry about having some assistant doing it for me.  As a result, I only take 3 or 4 projects a month.  After all, there is only so much one man can do.  And I'm choosy about who I work with.  If I don't feel that I can help you, then I won't take you on as a client.


Here’s what happens when you contact me:


  • I’ll set up a time when we can get together on the phone for a consultation.  If you're in a real hurry, call me NOW at 270-469-0446 and we'll get started immediately.
  • During that call I will delve into your business to discover just what you need and how I can help you best.
  • I’ll throw out suggestions to you about how best we can utilize my marketing wizardry.  Sometimes so fast you’ll have to write quickly to get them all down (hint:  You might want to record the call).
  • I’ll transform all of the information into a proposal that will outline exactly a marketing strategy that will maximize your results.
  • After you hire me I’ll put all of my knowledge and experience to work for you and create marketing materials to explode your profits, expand your lead generation program, and generate sacks full of money for you.


You’ll have me working with you to ferret out the best options for you to blast your way to massive profits.  We’ll discover whether you need a complete overhaul of your marketing materials or if all you need is a little adjustment.  Whatever the case, you will work personally with me to skyrocket your income.


I guarantee the work I do for you.  If you are not completely happy with the results I will rewrite your material at my cost, so long as you let me know within 30 days of completion of the project.  Two revisions are included in the agreement we hammer out between us.  However, to date, I have not had a client ask for me to rewrite what I create for them.  Just provide me with the results, ads, and proofs and I'll gladly rewrite them.


Now, before we go further, there are some people that should not contact me.  They are:


  • People with unethical products
  • Scam artists
  • People that send out spam emails
  • Those wanting Lamborghini performance at Yugo prices


So if you are serious about generating bags full of money for your business, contact me now at 270-469-0446 or send me an email at results@gc-copywriting.com.


FREE Consultation


Let’s start our relationship with this free, easy step.  Let me look at your current marketing materials and I’ll go over them with a fine tooth comb.  Then I will get back to you with my recommendations about where we can go from there.


So go ahead and fill out the form below and click the "Send to Gary" button.  I'll contact you within the next 24 hours to set up a time when we can discuss how best I can help you.


Or call me NOW at 270-469-0446 or email me at results@gc-copywriting.com.


To Your Future Marketing Success,



Gary Glasscock


P.S.  My schedule is filling up quickly, so contact me now to take advantage of the opportunity to skyrocket your income, sales, or lead generation campaign!


P.P.S.  If you need to see samples, here's a link to my online portfolio.




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